Petition to Reinstate the Shuttle bus For Bridlington Hospital to Scarborough hospital(return) 1

Mayor of Bridlington, Liam Dealtry, has started a petition over on Change.Org to reinstate the shuttle bus for Bridlington Hospital to Scarborough Hospital and its return trip.

With the NHS not making plans to open up more areas of the Bridlington Hospital and extend its open hours it leaves no option but for patients to have to travel too York, Scarborough or Hull. The shuttle bus acts as a vital part of the community for those with limited or no access to travel without spending lots of money on taxis.

“We the residents of Bridlington and surrounding towns & villages are petitioning the York teaching hospital NHS Foundation trust about reinstating the free  shuttle bus from Bridlington hospital  to Scarborough hospital  & Scarborough hospital to Bridlington hospital.

Over the years different  NHS trusts are at fault for moving services from Bridlington hospital to Scarborough or York NOT the East Riding of Yorkshire Council or the residents.

The NHS trust should pay for this and not the council tax payers out of our council tax !The council tax money needs to be spent on essential local issues not by funding a bus!.

The NHS trust have the income from the Government from general taxation and our National insurance contributions to cover this they also have income coming in from the hospital car parking fees !

If the NHS trust are not going to reinstate our essential services at Bridlington hospital we should at least deserve a free Bus service !” 

The message from Liam Dealtry on the petition.