Wellbeing suggestion from Scarborough's Ros 1

by Pete Spence

A SCARBOROUGH Business Coach is doing her bit to help local businesses through these tough times.

Ros Jones has created a free club where she is able to offer businesses advice through online interactive sessions as well as the business community being able to support one another.

She said: “We were due to launch The Business Wellbeing Club (BWC) in March, but I had to stall that due to lockdown. Now, as a result of the lockdown and the impact on our lives and businesses, it feels that the BWC and all it stands for is needed more than ever, right now.  

“In the time after Coronavirus, the business world will be very different. 

We need to understand that it will never go back to how it was before. 

“Many businesses will no longer be needed. Those that are will look different. We will operate much more online. We’ll continue social distancing. “

With the current climate the way it is during these unprecedented times Ros wants business people to come together and support each other.

She added: “

“The BWC is a bringing together of the values I’ve learned are crucial for businesses to thrive. 

It’s a business networking club based on collaboration, proactively supporting each other, knowing there’s enough for everyone, having a truly abundant mindset…all those wonderful qualities that let you know you’re in the right place when you find them.

Most of all, it’s about being willing to open your contacts list and introduce people to people who will be genuinely helpful to them for no other reason than just because you can.

There’s no kinder way of doing business than that and in these deeply, scarily uncertain economic days, there is no better time for this.”

For more information email: rosjones@actioncoach.com or ring: 0781 864 6672

The club will officially launch on Thursday April 16.