Derren Litten to Open his Own Bar in BENIDORM 1

Derren Litten writer of the Benidorm TV series is now about to open his own bar in Benidorm,
He has publicly tweeted yesterday evening that he thought his work on the SCARBOROUGH TV Series was in his opinion some of his best work and was dissappointed that it seemed to be “not what TV Channels are looking for now”.
He was planning on opening the Bar on the 10th of April but due to the corona virus this is being uderstandably postponed.
He is planning on hosting the Karaoke himself as he did in the Scarborough Show. With regular visits from the actor whom the Bar is being named after MATEO (actor Jake Canuso). Who was also one of the main actors in the Scarborough show.
Derren is planning on using a lot of his saved memorobilia from the Benidorm show including the Original Neptunes Bar sign and numerous costumes.
One thing for sure is because of his length of time in the business and great list of entertainers as friends you will be sure to bump into someone from the series most evenings and have some great entertainment

Good Luck Derren! from All your Friends in Scarborough and along the Yorkshire Coast.

Derren Litten to Open his Own Bar in BENIDORM 2
Derrens tweet from 8.14pm 28.03.20