We have noticed a vast increase across social media platforms of pictures of rubbish which has been left by people on our Yorkshire Coast Beaches.

We wondered whether the waste bins had been removed but after visiting Scarborough and Bridlington today we can confirm this is not the case and they are approximately 30-50m apart scattered along theYorkshire Coasts resorts Beach areas.

We can only presume that some people are finding it difficult to identify them so we have put together some pictures taken today, all which contain at least One rubbish bin in them. See if You can Spot them!

You may also recognise them as they can normally be found in all major towns and cities

We appreciate that some people find this task quite easy but If anybody is still finding it difficult to identify them we would suggest sending the picture to friends and relatives so they can hopefully point them out to you.

Bridlington Harbour
Bridlington South Beach
Scarborough South Bay
Scarborough RNLI Station
Scarborough Harbour
Scarboroughs Newcastle Packet (As Seen on TV series SCARBOROUGH as The Good Ship)
Bridlington South Beach