Face masks are mandatory in Shops from Tomorrow 24th July however some Stores are not going to challenge.

Tomorrow sees the day that Face masks are to be worn in Shops around England.

Mixed messages been sent about what you can and cant do, as well as certain chained supermarkets bringing their own rulings out with it. Here’s a few of the ins and outs you may be facing while out in public.

They are still not mandatory in cafes, pubs and restaurants, which has led to confusion over where the new rule applies in relation to buying food. So if you go into your favourite cafe and buy something and sit in then you don’t have to wear a mask, however if you go to buy food to take out then you do have to wear a mask.

Some supermarket chains have said the are not going to challenge people who do not wear a mask.


Some Tesco stores will have face mask stands at entrances so people can take and put one on from the pack and then pay at the checkout but there is no enforcement policy.


Co-op staff will not question those without masks but did say “It is the responsibility of all non-exempt customers to ensure they are in adherence with the new legal requirements.”


Sainsbury’s will not “challenge customers” in its shops as it is worried “they may have a reason not to wear a mask”.


Lidl tweeted: “Wearing a face covering is the responsibility of the individual and should only be enforced by police and council enforcement officers. The government have stipulated that shop workers should not refuse entry to customers that are not wearing a face covering.”


Aldi said shoppers will be required to wear masks however they have said customers should be mindful of those who may have a hidden disability and are exempt from wearing a mask.

Those who fail to wear a mask could be fined up to £100 – brought down to £50 if paid within fortnight.

Children under 11 and those with disabilities are exempt.

But it remains unclear how strictly the new law will be enforced.