ITS REAL!!?? Final Fantasy VII 7 Demo PS4 1

If your a older gamer like me you may remember a particular awe inspiring game called final fantasy VII back in the day when PlayStation 1 ruled and was the console of choice.

This game remains an iconic game from that era and is still played and talked about to this day.

There has been talks of a remake as far back as the PlayStation 3 launch and there was a cinematic trailer to go with it but nothing ever came from it and the hype came and went and was ultimately forgotten about.

Then a couple of years back at E3 (a gaming event is USA) Sony unveiled they were again making a remake for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Again news on the remake went quiet and doubt started to surface.

But now we have something to play, now we have hope, Cloud is back and i’m more excited than ever.

Image result for cloud og vs remake

Image result for final fantasy 7 og vs remake