Uncategorized - 03/10/2020

Bridlington Gold announces a new radio Station just for Bridlington

Bridlington Gold announces a new radio Station just for Bridlington 1

After many weeks of work going on in the Background they are pleased and excited to 100% announce that they are now ready to introduce Bridlingtons very own radio station you don’t have to share with anybody else!

“It’s ALL about Bridlington!”

The test stream is up and running via the LISTEN NOW button on their website and will give you an introduction to the eras of music they will be concentrating on.

They are currently only availabe to listen to via the website which is accesible on Mobiles, Tablets and Computers. Most of these devices can easily bluetooth to bluetooth speakers and car audio systems which are bluetooth enabled. More listening options will be coming soon, including amazon Alexa.

The Station is managed and run by local professionals and presenters who are passionate about the town and surrounding areas, including Chris Curtis and Mike Hammond, who worked for Yorkshire Coast Radio which was recently bought by Baeur media and rebranded as Greatest Hits radio.

To make this work they have asked the People of Bridlington to get involved by tuning in and listening and owners of local businesses to take advantage of the many new and varied marketing opportunities that a truly local dedicated radio station can offer you.

They are running the test stream right now but have a preliminary date for the official launch as 1st Nov 2020 at 6am.

Please follow their social media platforms here